Why home staging works

  1. Buyers shop with logic and buy on emotion. Home staging helps the buyer create an emotional connection with the home.
  2. Often a buyers first impression of a home is online. Photographs of a staged home are more professional and visually appealing.
  3. Buyers are more critical than ever and expect move-in ready homes. Having a professional evaluate and stage the home helps the buyer see the potential instead of worrying about what they will need to fix.
  4. Sellers often can't see past the everyday things they live with. These items can distract a potential buyer. A professional home stager can help to minimize these distractions.
  5. Most buyers are busy two income families and don't have time for home repairs and updates. A professionally staged home appears clean and well cared for.
  6. A buyer often makes a decision within seconds of walking in the front door. Creatively staging the home gives buyers the best possible first impression.
  7. If a home appears clean, well organized and beautifully decorated a buyer may be able to look past small aspects of the home that aren't ideal.
  8. Staged homes typically sell faster and for more money than houses that are not staged!